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By J.L. Wagner

Nearly one hundred years after the birth of Fauvism, the explosive color energy and emotion which typified the movement is once again attracting worldwide attention through the works of Manel Anoro.

His paintings and limited edition graphics have riveted audiences at solo exhibitions throughout Spain, Austria and Japan, and at international art fairs such as Art Miami and Artexpo.

Anoro's preeminent motivation in painting is to provide pleasure to viewers, to transmit the joy and beauty of a moment to a world in sore need of uplifting experiences. He is no stranger to adversity, and perhaps it is his understanding of life's tribulations, coupled with consummate skill and creativity, that led him to explore such a bright, sweet emotional terrain.

Emotion, as expressed through a manipulation of color, is at the very heart of each of Anoro's images. The immediacy of his appeal to diverse audiences is rooted in both what and how he communicates an idea. There is no subterfuge or cryptic symbiology, no dilution or repression of meaning.

This is what allies Anoro with the Fauvists--giving voice to the rich, potentially turbulent world of feelings.

Manel Anoro, >Bodega con Perca


Manel Anoro, Mesa con Frutas


Manel Anoro, Bodegon en Mesa Roja


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