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Anthony Casay has been described as one of the world's most creative contemporary painters today. Highly recognized for his seascape art, Casay has broken records in gallery sales in both Hawaii and California--two of America's largest fine art markets. His continued popularity is assured by his free and spontaneous style--rich in color and dramatic in composition. It has been said that the "ocean dances" at the tip of his brush, and that the sun pulsates from his canvas. Casay depicts the colors, fragrances and shapes of the sea; its waters in turmoil--providing a spectacle of rare excitement. Each Casay wave has a personality of its own as it crests, breaks and swirls into a flood of white foam. His paintings explore some of the choicest treasures of natures' coastal ocean cliffs, rocky shorelines and stormy coves.

The inspiration for his nautical scenes arises from his travels around the globe and his contact with the
sea while living in Spain, Mexico, Hawaii and Southern California. Born in Madrid, in 1942, the son of a symphony orchestra musician, Anthony Casay spent countless hours on the Spanish coastline during family vacations. Casay comments, "I learned a deep appreciation and respect for the sea early in my life and as I grew older, I knew that it would become a part of my self expression."

At the age of eight, Casay and his family moved to Mexico City. At the age of nine he became both a
child actor and budding artist. He starred in the popular television series, "Les Miserables," while in spare moments he painted and won several art competitions in local schools. At seventeen he began hosting, directing and producing television programs for children that incorporated his own designs and drawings for learning and entertainment. A year later he began a musical career, playing drums with rock and roll bands. He played back-up for the famous teen-group Bill Hailey and the Comets, nationally recognized for their song "Rock Around The Clock"; The Platters, nationally recognized for
their song "Only You", and world-renowned singer-actor, Frankie Avalon. In addition to his active involvement in three diverse careers, Casay found time to complete a degree in Diplomatic and Political Science. Upon graduation, an opportunity opened for appointment at the Consular General of Mexico in the city of Los Angeles--and Casay moved to the United States. Continuing painting during evening hours, Casay was blessed with immediate recognition for his seascape art. Gradually shifting from diplomat to professional artist, he was discovered by former father-in-law Jake Josey. Without hesitation, Jake Josey successfully promoted Casay's artwork which was soon selling across the country.

Basically self-taught, Casay looked to the paintings of Old Masters for inspiration and technique. Beginning with miniatures he mastered detail. Developing his own style--distinct in color, form and design--Casay has since influenced many of today's up-and-coming seascapists. The most unique feature of his paintings is his wave action of long rolling breakers, splashing surf and sparkling foam stretching over wet sand. His water crests and falls, one wave slapping the next, until the shoreline finally quiets this frenetic activity. Above each wave, a gravity-defying dance of water droplets hovers
over the bubbling surf. 

He has been admired by such noted celebrities such as: Doris Day, Jack Palance, and Astronaut Waiter Schirra, to name a few. Among his long list of noted collectors' are David Chase--President of
E.F Hutton (he owns the largest painting ever created by Mr. Casay; 65 feet x 125 feet, which hangs in the New York office); the descendants of the Royal Family of Iran; the descendants of the Royal Family of Germany; Burt Reynolds--movie actor; Tony Bennett-renowned singer; Wink Martindale ---noted television game show host; Vikki Carr--television and movie actress; Bobby Riggs--noted tennis player; Ann Miller--movie actress; Harrods of London (gallery); Omell Galleries--in London; Yves St. Laurent-top fashion designer; Entrepreneur Ted Jamieson, art enthusiast and collector; Dr. Ira Pomeroy (purchasing over 30 seascapes and landscapes by Casay); Harold Clavin--top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon; Tycoon Kimi "Uncle Billy" of Kona Hawaii; Isashi Otsuka-renowned Japanese Artist; Mary Pillsbury--founder of the Pillsbury Products; Renee and Gary Thibodo--art enthusiasts and collectors'; and Dr. Oscar Ceballos--renowned specialist in Cosmetic Dentistry in Mexico. 

Among Anthony Casay's favored causes are: The Humane Society, The Helen Woodward Foundation, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and The Save the Whale Foundation. "The Nature Conservancy", which is a private non-profit organization that protects endangered plants and animals by preserving the land and waters they need to survive, have used over 50 of Anthony Casay's creations to help their cause. 

Anthony Casay, Untitled



Anthony Casay, Stars and Stripes



Anthony Casay, Golden Tail



Anthony Casay, 30" x 24"



Anthony Casay, Polar Bears


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