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Thomas Leung was born May 30th, 1958, in Kowloon, Hong Kong. He inherited his artistic talent from his father, H. Leung. As a little boy, he would watch his father create beauty on canvas, and from that early on he just knew that he, too , would become an artist.  

That he had artistic abilities became apparent when he was still very young and would win awards for drawing in school. His father encouraged his interest in art an later became his revered tutor.

Already as a teenager, Thomas Leung exhibited his first paintings at the same gallery in Hong Kong where his father's work were shown, but then his family immigrated to the United States, and he went back to college there, to major in art. 

While still in college, he started to develop his own individual style, finding exciting new ways to express his own novel ideas. He experimented with colors, creating new concepts, and finding new paths of artistic development. After graduation from college, he started to show his paintings on exhibitions in museums and art shows, and awards and honors began coming his way.

Today, Thomas Leung creates canvases of great diversity: dreamy landscapes and magical fantasies, striking abstracts in bold colors, and pastels of multi hued iridescence. But whatever the style, they all show a masterful harmonizing of color, and a vibrant vitality. His paintings can be seen at many prestigious galleries throughout the United States.


Leung, Rainbow Falls


Leung, Jade Passage


Leung, River of Fire

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