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Tony Milici has designed the world's largest and most dynamic creations in glass. He has achieved national recognition for the bold and exciting sculptures he has created using glass and special lighting effects. The transparent beauty and complexity of glass has attracted artists and collectors through the centuries. The inherent relationship between glass and light creates natural movement in the form, a depth unattainable with any other medium. And while Milici works primarily in glass, he feels contrasting elements increase the visual and emotional impact of his work. His use of mixed forms combining rock, marble and steel with glass link the separate elements and enhances the qualities of each.

Milici's creation of monumental art has helped elevate work in glass to a new plateau. Once primarily reserved for utilitarian use, the evolution of glass in fine art has resulted in today's most admired architecture creations. His design of the monumental glass, granite and rock sculpture "Sierra," for the exterior of the "New American Home 1994" for Heartland Homes is the quintessential artistic statement blending art and architecture. Milici design of "Emerald City," a vision from the MGM classic "Wizard of Oz," stands 60' and graces the entrance to the MGM Grand Hotel, Casino and Theme Park, the world's largest resort. These creations have helped permanently change the perception of work in glass.

Milici's desire to create extraordinary work is evident in his latest vision, "Sunrise Lights." The dynamic uses of solar powered lights placed at each crest of Sunrise Mountain in Southern Nevada Will create a majestic outline against the night sky. Visible by air and throughout the valley, "Sunrise Lights" will become an international landmark in the name of environmental art.
Milici, Contradiction

Milici, Grand Staircase (S.F)
Grand Staircase (S.F)

Milici, ountain Pass (Table)
Mountain Pass (Table)

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