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She attended Colorado College and the University of New Mexico where she studied under the tutelage of various artists including Kooning, Kenneth Adams, and Randall Davey. It  was here that she became influenced by the style of abstract expressionism. Dolona has since created her own distinctive style  which lies between abstract expressionism and representation of  Southwest art.

Dolona Roberts' trademark is her portrayal of the backs of  Indian women draped in colorful and intricately designed blankets;  The blankets are not meant to be literal representations of actual  designs but unique patterns of her own creation. Each blanket is a  combination of geometric forms including stripes, zigzags, and  diamonds. The fact that no two are alike is a testimony to her skill  in arranging patterns, colors, movement, and form.  

A characteristic common to her images in the "Blanket  Series" is that the faces of the Indians are always turned away  from the observer. This expresses the mystical quality of the  Pueblo Indian rituals and designates that the viewer is a spectator  rather than a participant in these ceremonies. 

Dolona describes herself as a "colorist", and it is through her  use of color that she captures an intensity of feeling. Every color  and combination of colors that she sees inspire the hues that she  applies to her canvas. These colors are used in such a way that  they appear to flow, mingling like liquid threaded tapestries.  

Although it is the "Blanket Series" that has brought Dolona  Roberts to prominence in the art world, her works also include  African monotypes, Mayan profiles, landscapes, and abstracts. 

Dolona Roberts' honors and accolades abound, including the  Artist of the Year Award from the "Santa Fean", and the Prix de  Paris granted by a jury of New York Critics. Her paintings have  been included in numerous exhibit's, museum collections, and  prestigious private and corporate collections


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